Tips for Choosing a Quality Sworn Translator

When you need good translation, and you have no idea where to being, consider these 4 tips for choosing the right translation company for your business:

1. They know their business. Just because someone can speak Mandarin, it doesn’t mean that they should be in charge of your legal translations. Legal terms, medical terms, and software procedures can be confusing for people who are not familiar with them. Be sure you use a translation company who is well-schooled in your business.

2. They’re only human. Everyone has played with Google Translate in a pinch, but how well are those robotic apps going to translate corporate communications?

3. They speak the language. This might seem like an obvious suggestion, but there is a large difference between a person living in Texas who studied French through college and a person who is a native French speaker. "This guarantees not only highest accuracy, but also ensures that your content will be reliably localized for the audience you wish to address".

4. They go beyond English. It’s important that your translator knows English well, as it is one of the most common languages spoken (either primary or secondary) around the world. Also important is the ability to work in different language pairs. Not everything is translated from or into English.